Being Sweet
is Overrated!


You won’t miss added sugar, pinky swear

To launch the new decade in style, Silk Canada rebranded their old packs with a new and bold aesthetic. This inaugural social campaign showcased the updated Unwsweetened range: putting forward 5 key products from Silk's portfolio in a bold and colourful manner, to match the vibrancy of the packs. With its new bold packaging and amazing product range, the revamped Unsweetened range was here to prove that Being Sweet is Overrated!

Creative Director Johann Smith
Art Director Edward Nyamenkum
Copywriters Jean-François Morin, Julien Marchand

Production Sébastien Boyer (Consulat)
Photographer Simon Duhamel (Consulat)
Photo Assistants Renaud Robert, Océane Corbeil
Set Designer & Props Stylist Roxanne Chagnon
Assistant Set Designer Catherine Larose
Food Stylist Fredéric Authier
Assistant Food Stylist Francis Duval
Hand Model Kristel (Vizage Models)

Graphic & Motion Designer Bruno Macias