Feeling Good
Starts Inside


A healthy lifestyle starts with nutrition

Brand photoshoot for Activia's 2019 summer equity campaign. These photos showcase not only the product, but also the lifestyle associated with the brand's target audience. Launched simultaneously with Activia's new branding and packaging, the photos for this campaign found their way throughout their new website, as well as on multiple in-store POS and digital/social ads.

Creative Agency Carl Social Club
Creative Director Johann Smith
Art Director Edward Nyamenkum

Producer Patty Castiglione
Photographer David Curleigh
Camera Assistants Tom Di Sandolo, Patrick
Styling Chanelle Riopel
Hair & Makeup Martine L'eureux
Food Stylist Murielle Banackissa

Models Mashal, Kayin, Megan, Laurence, Megha, Milaine