Get Matched
with a Snack

Light & Free

Swipe right for the perfect snack

Now more than ever, there’s such an overabundance of snacking options that it can be hard to choose the right for you. Based on modern dating app mechanics, this social campaign for Light & Free uses the swipe-left/swipe-right dating cues to tell you why Light & Free is the perfect snack match for you.

Creative Director Johann Smith
Strategist Mélodie Gagnon
Art Director Edward Nyamenkum
Copywriters Sean English, Helen Savage
Project Manager Laurence Ouelette

Photographer & Props Stylist Danielle Reynolds
Production Coordinator Michèle Lussier

OLV Production & Motion Design Gimmick Studio
Sound Design & Music Composition Cult Nation
Voice Talents ---

Graphic Designer Lisa Mébarkia
Social Ad Motion Designer Guillaume Shea Blais