Say Yeah
to Oat Yeah!


The yummy-as-can-be oat beverage.

Oat beverages are becoming the most popular milk alternative amongst all dairy-free options. Not only are their ecological footprint top notch, but they are one of the best tasting options on the market. To celebrate the launch of Silk’s new oat beverage in Canada, we created a youthful social campaign parading the joy and euphoria that comes with choosing and consuming oat milk. The campaign spanned on all main social media platforms, as well as other media channels such as Youtube and Vice. Through aesthetic scenes and captivating expressions, everyone ended up Saying Yeah to Oat Yeah!

Creative Director Johann Smith
Copywriter Jean-François Morin
Art Director Edward Nyamenkum
Strategist Mélodie Gagnon
Influencer Strategy Anthony Maio

Production Sébastien Boyer (Consulat)
Photographer Simon Duhamel (Consulat)
Photo Assistants Renaud Robert, Renaud Lafrenière
Set Designer & Props Stylist Camille Barrantes
Styling Marianne Dubreuil
Hair & Makeup Sophie Parrot
Models Payton (Folio), Natalia (Dulcedo), Xin (Dulcedo), Harold Bonneville

Graphic Designer & Editor Edward Nyamenkum
Motion Designer Bruno Macias, Edward Nyamenkum

Content Creation Photographer Edward Nyamenkum
Content Creation Food Stylist Murielle Banackissa