‘Tis a SO Delicious

SO Delicious

Vegan holidays has never tasted so good

Who said frozen treats are only for the summer? To celebrate the holidays and the launch of SO Delicious' social media presence in Canada, we created a holiday campaign celebrating our love for this indulgent dessert. Thanks to our mouthwatering ads influencer activations, SO Delicious' holiday campaign managed to kickstart the account with a festive bang!

Creative Director Johann Smith
Art Director Edward Nyamenkum
Copywriter Jean-François Morin
Influencer Strategy Karolane Rondeau

Photographer Dana Dorobantu
Props Stylist Sylvain Riel
Food Stylist Anne Gagné
Hand Models Bruno Macias, Arielle Tran, Edward Nyamenkum, Karolane Rondeau, Johann Smith

Graphic Designer Edward Nyamenkum