What Helping
The Planet
Sounds Like


Listen to the sound of sustainability

Surfing on the ASMR trend, Silk’s Earth Month social campaign focused on the sounds of helping the planet. By showing viewers that helping the planet and eating plant-based is just as simple as non-plant-based cooking, we’re helping demystifying the stigma and complexity surrounding plant-based nutrition. The added sounds complimented and heightened the taste appeal of plant-based cooking, thus making all assets visually and aurally pleasing. These ads were featured on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok and Youtube.

Creative Agency Carl Social Club
Creative Director Jean-François Morin
Director of Creative Strategy Mélodie Gagnon
Strategist Gabrielle Loranger
Art Director Edward Nyamenkum
Copywriters Sean English, Julien Marchand
Account Manager Michèle Lussier
Producer Sarah Mackenzie

Director of Photography Alexandre Hallé
Food Stylist Johanne Depelteau
Food Stylist Assistant Ariane Poirier

Video Editor Alexandre Hallé
Graphic Designer Edward Nyamenkum