Your New
Belly BFF


The new gut-friendly smoothie

Activia is a yogurt brand prideful of its unique strain of probiotics. For the launch of their new probiotic smoothies, we developed social ads showing people discovering the bottle, and thus their new belly BFF. By using a split screen mechanic, fun music and slick animations, this clever and eye-catching mechanism grabbed viewers’ attention before presenting the main RTBs of the product. A series of photos presenting the new launch ran simultaneously on Instagram and Pinterest to add even more taste appeal to the campaign.

Creative Agency Carl Social Club
Creative Director Johann Smith
Strategist Mélodie Gagnon
Art Director Edward Nyamenkum
Copywriter Sean English
Account Manager Joannie Côté

Production Studio Davai
Producer Stéfanie Jomphe
Director Robert Desroches
Director of Photography Maël Demarcy
Camera Assistant Harold Cassière
Set Designer Laura Nhem
Styling Delsey Ruel Bilodeau
Hair & Makeup Andie Wisdom Dawson
Covid Coordinator Émilie Du Tilly
Models Naadei, Natacha

Photographer Edward Nyamenkum
Graphic Designers Edward Nyamenkum, Lisa Mébarkia