You've Got

Light & Free

An unconventional yogurt for the unconventionally you

Light & Free is the new yogurt in the market that boasts unique flavours and unconventional nutritional values. For the Canadian launch, the social campaign embraced the brand's core values of freedom and creativity to create an offbeat and artsy approach. From the colourful OLVs to characters with personalities, all aspects of the campaign showed that the yogurt and the brand has as much flavour and individuality as each and every one of us.

Creative Director Johann Smith
Strategist Mélodie Gagnon
Art Director Edward Nyamenkum
Copywriters Mélodie Gagnon, Helen Savage, Sean English
Influencer Strategy Anthony Maio, Michèle Lussier
Project Manager Laurence Ouelette

Illustrator Thaïla Khampo
Photography Production Sébastien Boyer (Consulat)
Photographer Simon Duhamel (Consulat)
Photo Assistants Renaud Robert, Océane Corbeil
Set Designer Roxanne Chagnon
OLV Production & Motion Design Gimmick Studio

Graphic Designer Edward Nyamenkum
Social Ad Motion Designer Florentin Heyraud

Content Creators Edward Nyamenkum, Danielle Reynolds, Briony Douglas
Production Coordinator Michèle Lussier